Norrøna  is a first class family company from Norway, which has developed clothing and equipment for forest and mountain for generations. Instore Agency has for many years worked closely with Norrøna  and has developed several unique solutions for store presentations that reflect Norrøna’s responsibility for the environment and climate.

Nature is the reason why Norrøna exists and therefore the whole company is permeated by a strong sustainability approach. For Instore Agency, this means that we produce as environmentally friendly products as possible for the stores of Norrøna. For example, the wooden hangers have a rubberized surface that increases their life, and the store bags are made from recycled paper and have handles of organic cotton.

As a natural part of our collaboration, we have developed a whole new e-commerce bag. The challenge was to create a bag that better reflects Norrøna’s sustainable and functional vision than the traditional plastic e-commerce bag. The result was an e-commerce bag that is both durable and transport resistant and at the same time cost effective to produce, which makes it completely unique in the market. The bag is made of untreated paper to give as close to a natural feel as possible and the design and seal ensures that the goods are effectively protected during transport. Together with Norrøna, we at Instore Agency are proud to have broken new grounds and taken the first step in what could become a new future standard in online commerce.




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