Instore Agency protects your personal privacy. This privacy policy is about how Instore Agency collects and uses personal information. When you contact us for purchasing purposes as a customer or sales purposes as a supplier or as a jobseeker, you also accept our privacy policy and our processing of your personal data. You also agree that Instore Agency uses electronic and physical communication channels to send information to you.

1. What personal data do we process?

We only process the information that you give us, for the purpose of being able to deliver / inform about products / services / the company or add a service. This may include information such as contact information, payment information, login information, administrative information, information about which products you have purchased, cookie data, agreements and email conversations.

We only save data where we have made the assessment that we have a legitimate interest in processing this data for the maintenance of our business relationship, marketing and development.

We only store data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which this data was collected, to carry out our commitments and for as long as required by applicable law and practice.

2. How do we store your personal information?

Our information is only processed by relevant people within Instore Agency, as well as by our designated subcontractors. We ensure that our subcontractors live up to the same obligations as we have, by signing agreements with them, and at times make checks that they comply with what we have said.

We never pass on, sell or exchange your personal information for marketing purposes. All processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with current legislation. We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, tampering and unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures with technical developments.

3. What are your rights?

You have the right to receive information at any time about the personal data we process about you or to unsubscribe from our information mailings. If your information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be corrected or deleted.

We can not delete your data in cases where there is a statutory requirement for storage, such as accounting rules, or when there are other legitimate reasons why the data must be saved. To be able to help you with your rights, you need to contact us in writing. If it concerns deregistration from information mailings, email us at To be able to find your personal information, we need your name, social security number, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Also enter the email address you want the information sent to, as well as the password you want the compressed file to have.To ensure that only you have access to this information, it is important that in addition to your signature, you also send a copy of an approved identification document in your request.

If you believe that we handle your personal data incorrectly, we are happy to receive complaints and suggestions for improvement in our support function on the website, you also have the right to submit complaints to the Data Inspectorate (Integrity Protection Authority).