We’re the leading supplier of hangers in all materials in the Nordic region. Together with our partner Mainetti – the world’s largest supplier of hangers – we can offer the most extensive range in the market. We also have extensive expertise in developing tailored hangers together with our customers.


Finding the right bag for your brand is important. With us you get an expert partner that works closely with its customers to develop a product that reflects their brand and elevates their business. We offer a variety of bags in environmentally friendly polypropylene, plastic, and paper.


Choose from a complete range of mannequins, torsos, and tailor busts. We can help you with everything from standard polypropylene torsos to classic Stockman busts. We can also develop customised mannequins where you can choose the material, colour, and design.

Shop fittings

Our wide range of shop fittings includes standard displays, shelves, carousels, gondolas, rails and racks. We can also develop specialist fittings to match the rest of your store, strengthen your brand, and showcase your garments and accessories.

Gift and e-commerce packaging

How you package your goods is an important part of your customers’ shopping experience. We can help you to develop solutions that not only enhance your brand but also simplify your POS and e-store management, whether we’re talking about a simple envelope or an exclusive gift box.

Point of sales and office supplies

We offer everything from receipt rolls, printer paper, and notebooks to coffee, toilet paper, and cleaning equipment. This enables you to reduce your total number of suppliers, which helps you to cut your expenses, the time you spend, and your environmental footprint.

Our products