Instore Agency makes things simple. You deal with all your static store exposure. We deal with the exposure you get from movable items. You have a brand, advertising concept, and store interior. We have hangers, bags, gift packaging, mannequins, and everything else that can be moved both within and outside of your store. We’re in a class of our own. We do much more than just sell products. In us you get a creative partner that can come up with suggestions and innovative solutions to take your store to the next level. This is something we’ve done since the 1950s. And it’s something we love.

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The environment is important to us at Instore Agency. Our factories in Lidköping, Sweden and Gorzow, Poland have their own recycling facilities. On average 85% of the materials used to make our plastic hangers are recycled. This means that in the last five years, with the help of our customers we have saved over 2,500 tonnes of polystyrene.

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