Made in a green hanger factory

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6 September 2019

Instore Agency has been dealing with environmental work and sustainability for 50 years and during that time we have come a long way. Today, we are the hanger manufacturer that uses most recycled materials and that has come the furthest with the environmental work.

The work on sustainability and to reduce our ecological footprints is taking place with undiminished effect in our factory in Lidköping. We have three focus areas where we constantly set new goals to become even better.

1.) 100% green electricity

All electricity used in the production comes from hydropower. We also continuously invest in energy saving equipment. We have compressors and heating systems that exchange energy with our watercooling system. We have modern cooling machines that can take advantage of the cold winter climate in Sweden in order to use the strongest environmental benefits Swedish industry can offer.

2.) 100% recycled plastic

For most of the hangers we produce, we use 100% recycled plastic that comes from a circular recycling system in collaboration with fashion chains such as H&M and KappAhl. The recycled plastic does not itself generate carbon dioxide emissions and in Lidköping we have developed a recycling process that minimizes energy consumption. So the result is a recycled plastic material that generates less carbon dioxide impact than all other non-fossil alternatives, even compared with paper hangers.

-We are convinced that we have a solution to the plastic issue. By recycling plastic, we remove the scrap problems and we use no further new oil.

  1. No waste

It is not just the plastic that is recycled but all the remaining material from the production. This goes for example for paper, plastic packaging, metals and left-over oil. We have not reached all the way with our waste yet but we are working towards our goal to recycle everything.

Do you want to know more about how we work with the environment and sustainability?

Contact us or feel free to come by the factory in Lidköping and we will show you.


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