Peak Performance chooses biodegradable mannequins in PLA

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19 February 2020

Instore Agency has developed mannequins made of PLA (Polylactic Acid) for Peak Performance stores in Scandinavia. The mannequins are 3D-printed and as durable as fiberglass mannequins, but with the great advantage that they are virtually climate-neutral.

With PLA, a new era has begun in the line of business. Instead of continuing to manufacture plastics and material from oil, the focus has shifted towards renewable raw materials. With biomaterials such as PLA, carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced, not at least because plants absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. Peak Performance has an enunciated focus on sustainability and therefore the choice of materials was easy.

Short facts PLA

  • PLA is made from biomaterials such as starch from either corn or sugar beets
  • PLA can be reused as bioplastics
  • PLA can be composted in industrial plants
  • PLA can advantageously be incinerated for energy recovery as it doesn´t emit any toxins

The production

Instead of using expensive molds, the mannequins are made by printing through a special 3D printer. As a company you can choose between two different types of mannequins.

1.) “Raw-printed” mannequins without after-treatment. They consist of 100% biomaterial and are 100% biodegradable. These mannequins have visible print lines.

2.) Postprocessed mannequins where the print lines are hidden by filling and paint. They will then be as smooth and fine as regular fiberglass mannequins but are an environmentally better alternative since the main part consists of biomaterials.

Durable in dual sense

Good to know is that all PLA mannequins have the same strength and durability as fiberglass. They will have a long life in the store. And as mentioned before, the corn that Instore Agency’s PLA is made from has absorbed carbon dioxide during the time it has grown in the fields. We at Instore Agency hope that Peak Performance is as satisfied as we are about the new nice mannequins.

Do you want to know more about our mannequins in PLA? Read the brochure you will find here.

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