Recycling of hangers,
our circular economy

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11 October 2019

The majority of the world’s leading suppliers of hangers work closely with the fashion retailers to reuse the hangers. That´s the way we also do it at Instore Agency.

Extremely few of all plastic hangers are burned or end up in garbage. At Instore Agency, our goal is to recycle as many of our hangers as possible so that the environment is not burdened. Among other things, we have a collaboration with KappAhl where hangers manufactured around the world are returned to our factory in Lidköping. This is how it goes:

  • The hangers are mostly sorted in stores and used again and again. If there is a surplus of hangers in either the store or the warehouse, they are returned to us.
  • Returned hangers are sorted for quality assurance and then shipped back into the supply chain for reuse. For example, they may be used in textile industries anywhere in the world or at central warehouses where some garments are hung and prepared for store presentation. In the industry, we call this “return to source”.
  • Broken hangers that are returned and fail to meet the quality assurance can be repaired for reuse. Then we ensure that the hook is fixed properly and that the hanger meets the requirements so that it can be used in the textile industry’s transport and conveyor system.
  • If the hangers are too broken to be repaired, they are recycled. The plastic is then grinded and used in the production of new hangers, while metal hooks and clips are sent to metal recycling. In Lidköping we also have developed a unique recycling process that minimizes the energy consumption.

When you buy hangers from Instore Agency, your business can become part of our work with the environment and sustainability. It is good to know both for you and your customers. Together we take responsibility for the environment and contribute to a better world.


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